Berghof Maschinenbau in Reichshof

Bettenwender 90 Grad

The versatile alternative
Bed turning equipment for the highest demands

MW-VA-90°/ MW-L-90°

The mobile bed turner

Change of patients means a change of beds. Every hospital prepares countless new beds
every day. And between the occupancies, every bed is cleaned due to hygienic reasons. Naturally, also on the underside.

An intense physical exertion for the personnel.

The mobile bed turner can turn the bed continuously up to an angle of 90°. This facilitates cleaning and maintenance work considerably. Working in an ergonomically correct position makes tasks more effortless.

The movable device is ideal for changing work locations or small rooms.

Advantages at a glance:
- easy handling
- fast operation 
- flexible structure
- wheels attached
- turnable up to 90°

Specifications and features:

Table Bergerhof

Easy handling
The controls are arranged clearly. The bed locking mechanism is done using spring bolts.

Firm stand:
Flipping the cam lever lowers the unit.

Adapter for specific bed types
Special requests will be fulfilled:
For bed types that don't fit to the mattress frame with standard adapters due to their design, specialized adapters are available. These accommodate the bed at the intermediate frame or drive frame.

Adapter for containers
More than just beds:

A specific adapter for meal transport trolleys, laundry trolleys or other container trolleys can be attached on the bed turning unit in a few easy steps. Many different adjustment options in height and width make it usable for almost all containers.

Adapter for bedside tables
Smaller also works:

An adapter for cleaning bedside tables s also available, which can be mounted in a few
easy steps. Many different adjustment options in height and width make it usable
for nearly all bedside tables.