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Multi Bed Mover

The versatile alternative
Patient transportation for the highest demands
Multi Bed Mover PTS4

The Multi Bed Mover
Physical labor is not just a small part of health care. Patients are lifted, turned or
transported with their beds from A to B every day by nurses. Every relief in the daily work routine is a welcome help. The Multi Bed Mover makes the necessary bed transports significantly easier.

Advantages at a glance:
- easy operation 
- easy attachment

Specifications and features:

The low-maintenance Mover has a shock-resistant, painted steel casing and is CE
certified according to the norm 93/42.

Multi Bed Power picture table

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Mobile help for bed transport
Here is how it works!
Ideal for every bed transport:

Through easy operation, the bed can be moved easily by one person. The centralized
control panel is ergonomically mounted on the frame. The nursing staff steers the bed with the help of a remote control, keeping in direct contact with the patient. The PTS4 can move forwards, backwards, to the sides and around its own axis. It has a small turning circle, making it fit into lifts and small corridors. The Multi Bed Mover is docked directly at the foot end of the bed (picture below) The charger is integrated.

The original:

The patient transport system was developed by the Belgian company PTS and is manufactured by the specialist company themselves.

Bergerhof Maschinenbau distributes the Multi Bed Mover PTS4 in exclusively in Germany.